Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why are people the way they are?

What in life makes some one feel they are better than someone else? Every one has their own unique features that makes them their own unique person. If you think your are better than me? What makes you better? ... We all have struggles, we all have feelings, we all have emotions, and we all have dreams. Why judge me when you dont know my struggles? you dont know my feelings. you dont know my emotions. and you dont know my dreams. Im not one to judge you because like you i dont know yours. there for nothing can make me have the right to say im better than you, or your better than me, we are all human we are all equal, we all get by doing the things that make us happy and that make us who we are.

Another thing thats been bothering me is all the hate people let build up inside of them, yes people all make mistakes, but like a lesson learned in time we all learn from our mistakes, the most mature thing to do is to accept your mistakes and put them in the past and look forward on a new bright day. If you hate me, you probably have all the reason to, im not to fond of the person i use to be, but if you hate me from my past, im not the same person i was. Life's to short to let hate consume you, Life's to short to Let problems hold you back, im sorry for my past mistakes and anything ive done that hurt any one, im moving forward in life and in order to proceed in progress you must some time or another in your life learn to forgive and to forget. If you never learn to forgive or forget your whole life you will just let the hate consume you and some of your enemies turn out to be the bestest of friends. and you will never get the chance to realize that and you will never know what you could have had or what you missed out on.

Last thing before i go is a simple 2 letter word that has the most meaning that people seem to not understand it or feel that when hearing it , they can over rule the meaning, When hearing the word "NO" it means exactly what you know it means. its a simple word we all have learned and we all have done things after we were told no and we all begged for the answer yes before after hearing the word no. But when it comes down to it NO means NO and nothing you can say can change the feelings for the person that is saying it. if they say it, it means they dont want what ever you have to offer. So grow up and accept it


Tolga said...

A very genuine, real, and necessary blog..But on the second paragraph I think the hate you speak of needs to be defined. To dislike someone that passionately requires reason. I think the hate you speak of is on a much lower scale than real hate. So what you're saying is that you have a problem with someone that has No reason to hate, but you do you have a problem with someone that does have areason for hate?

Anonymous said...

Well in order of having hate for someone it means you care for them.. and if you hate them why would you wanna care for them? there are many reasons that cause hate but i feel that if those reasons that cause hate make you consumed of hate whats the point? because it is bringing you down. when if you just let it go and let the hate pass and just block that person out of your life it makes you a better person mentally and emotionally as well.

Tolga said...

You can hate someone without caring for them. If someone killed someone you love or betrayed you in a way that would cause you to hate them, I don't think you would ever care for that person. If its hate becasue of jealousy, an insignificant conflict, or anything other than a Real reason, than yes, that person should just ignore the person they dislike. You are right that blocking that person out of your life would be the mature thing to do, but if it is Real hate, thats not easy for anyone..